157844 – Julia – Stewardess Cleans the Teeth

Julia is mature and experienced stewardess. Today she gives you an advice, how to clean your teeth. It should be slowly and thoroughly teeth brushing. And, of course, in comfort place. If you can’t do it near your sink, then you should bring your "portable sink" with you. Stewardess Julia brushes her teeth and spits all nasty mix of toothpaste and her own saliva inside Alex’s mouth. Then he swallows all this mess. When she is finished, Julia rinsed her mouth with a fresh water and spits it into the slave’s mouth again. Have a living sink or portable spittoon is great! She recommended it to all kinky stewardesses. When Julia is finished, she slightly correct her lips with a lipstick and now ready for a next wonderful flight!
Julia - Stewardess Cleans the Teeth
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