157852 – Birkenstock Teacher JOI

Let me clean my spectacles before we begin. I want to be able to see you clearly. I think we both know why you’re here. I see you at your desk. You’ve probably never experienced a forward, suggestive teacher, but it’s my job to notice these things. I believe you have a foot fetish. Not only a foot fetish, but I believe you have a Birkenstock fetish. Am I right? You’re not feeling uncomfortable now, are you? Perhaps you’d like to take a whiff. Go on. Take a really good sniff. It pleases you, doesn’t it? Here… smell both of them. Yes, that’s it. Now, touch yourself. Stroke your cock. It’s interesting… you don’t do what you’re told during lessons, but now, you certainly do. Naughty — very naughty! Bear with me for a moment while I make myself more comfortable. Are these the kind of panties you expected your teacher to be wearing? You like that, don’t you? That’s it, stroke your cock. Keep going.
Birkenstock Teacher JOI
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