158259 – Crushed and destroyed under my feet

15 minutes pure giantess crushing actionPrincess Alena: Do you dare to go under my Skater Vans? Do you want to see what I’ll do to you when you’re very small at my feet? I’ll crush, trample and wipe you out. You will become my victim and I will kick all hope of grace out of you. You know to be my victim, nothing! Your existence will end under the soles of my Vans sneakers. Sacrifice yourself to Princess Alena.I enjoy dominating my slave under my bare feet. If I could I would trample you and others under my feet. In this video I show you what I will do to you when you are at the mercy of me as a victim. I will wipe you out from under my feet and end your existence. I will crush and trample you. Check it out and get in touch with me so that I can get a real victim under my feet! (Incl. ultra slow motion video )
Crushed and destroyed under my feet
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