160045 – Cute teen girl’s first foot fetish experience, POV

You’re a freshman at the college and you’ve just got a new dormitory room few weeks back. And there is this girl living with you in the room that you know from some of the classes too. You know each other quite well now and what you didn’t know she knows is the fact that you’re into feet.She brings that up right away as she’s sitting in front of you. Her friend apparently told her this…how she knew…who the hell knows. But what to do now? Before you figure out your strategy here the girl, Bunny, she already stars to ask you about it, thinking it’s kinda weird you’re into feet. You know, why feet? What’s so sexy about feet? And she starts to show them to you. She still have her socks on but she’s interested to learn about this foot fetish and offers you if you want to smell her socks. And then if you’d like to touch her feet. And what else? "What else would you like to do with her feet? Kiss them? Really? Oh, that seems too much…or maybe…maybe we could try. I have a boyfriend but he doesn’t have to know and anyway – it’s just feet right?"
Cute teen girl's first foot fetish experience, POV
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