160048 – Asian pizza delivery girl gets her sexy feet worshiped

Finally a supper time! Jack is hungry and he ordered pizza like 30 minutes ago and it’s finally here! When he gets to the door and opens to the pizza delivery girl, he realizes he doesn’t have any cash. Damn it! But he’s really hungry and the girl can’t exactly take the pizza back, it would go out of her salary. Jack offers he could order a pizza tomorrow again and pay her for both but that’s not an option. There is no guarantee she will be the one delivering it tomorrow. So how to solve it now?Jack really has no ideas anymore when the delivery girl makes him an offer – next time she’ll be delivering him pizza here he’ll pay for this one as well. And on top of that he will massage her feet right now. She’s on her feet all day long and she could really use a foot rub. Jack can’t believe it. A very pretty and cute Asian girl wants to let him massage her feet? And she’s actually the one offering it?? That’s something he never thought will happen."Agreed! Come on in, please. Take off your shoes here…good…"
Asian pizza delivery girl gets her sexy feet worshiped
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