160194 – Lady Scarlet – My first human ashtray

A little chill out after lunch together with my friend Lady Selly. After a brief chatter she offers me to smoke a cigarette, it’s something new for me but I decide to try it, especially because she promised me a very special ashtray …Selly calls a slave who approaches promptly, hands us a cigarette, makes us light them and sits on the ground between us with his mouth open: he is going to be the ashtray. I watch Selly blow smoke in his face and then drop the ash into his mouth, so I decide my turn has come. At first I’m a bit clumsy and I drop my cigarette, but I quickly start having fun with this lousy worm making him taste smoke, ash and my spit. Satisfied, we put out the cigarettes on his tongue, make him shut his mouth and order him to disappear.
Lady Scarlet - My first human ashtray
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