A hot custom made for an aromas sub! Miss Deviant wants to get you weaker and weaker before you stroke. Wearing a gas mask, you’re instructed to soak cotton wool balls in aromas, as Miss Deviant rolls the dice. Each roll determines the number of seconds you must sniff each ball. Ten rolls and ten balls soaked in your special weakness-inducing aroma. Once weak, you’re made to put all the soaked balls into your gas mask box one at a time until they’re all in there. while you jerk off under Miss Deviant’s instructions until the cum countdown begins. But of course, there’s a sadistic twist – you MUST cum when Miss Deviant reaches zero. If you don’t, you have to play the game all over again. If you cum before zero, you have to make a sizable tribute. So, are you ready to play this evil, mind-weakening game?
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