162038 – Old beloved teddy used as a rug and then crushed

Look at my muddy riding boots – they’re really dirty today. Great that I’ve your old beloved teddy that you’ve cherished for over 50 years … because I’ll use it to clean my boots now. First, I’ll grab him and polish the leather of my boots, then I’ll simply throw it on the doormat and use it as a rug to clean the hard soles of my riding boots. I know this teddy means a lot to you, but for me it’s just an old ugly teddy I can use and then throw away! I even spit on it a couple of times, and after cleaning my riding boots on it, I change into a pair of high heel boots, take your teddy into the kitchen and destroy it completely with these brutal boots. The destroyed and dirty remains of your beloved teddy will simply go into the trash bin – where it will live for a few more days with the other garbage before it’s gone forever in the garbage truck!
Old beloved teddy used as a rug and then crushed
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