162010 – Rare collector’s collections crushed underfoot and merciless shoe soles Teil2

A valuable and limited collector’s edition with three beautiful model cars in a collector’s box is slowly being unpacked from pretty feet. The packaging is not handled very gently and then these beautiful feet play a little with the unpacked models. Of course, it doesn’t take long before it starts to crunch and the first model shows damage. First it cracks under the heels and later a couple of nice sandals are used, under which the models are slowly sanded until finally only unrecognizable crumbs from the model cars are left.And because it makes such wonderful sounds, more collectibles are brought in. A collection box with great collectibles is now right in front of your feet. But why does everything always have to be unpacked first? One foot slowly sets foot on the collection box and after a short time the packaging can no longer withstand the pressure and the buckles. Despite the loud noise that the packaging makes when squeezing, you can clearly hear the models cracking and crunching inside as they give way even under the pressure of the feet, which are completely squeezed. Some models seem to want to escape and fall out of the package, but even these are crushed under the soles and heels.More collectibles follow in their original packaging, which are completely destroyed under the merciless heels, and another collection of beautiful models is slowly and powerfully squashed under the mighty soles of white Buffalo clogs. In the end, there isn’t much left of all the beautiful and desirable collectibles that resemble model cars !!! Just a lot of crumbs and scraps of paper from the packaging!You might think that these feet have had enough now, but far from it !!! This pleasant unpacking and chopping of the beautiful collectibles made the desire for even more of this beguiling crackle and crunch all the more! A small collection of 12 beautiful model cars now has to hold out! First, a few models are squashed under the heels, and more are put under the heels of beautiful shoes. A wonderful crash and crunch sound as the models are literally pulverized by the block heels!And that’s not enough either! Many trucks are now handled with different shoes. In the beginning it was slow and pleasant and with increasing duration it became more and more ruthless and merciless! Parts fly the plastic parts through the area in such a way that hard wooden soles stamp on them! Some trucks are even used as roller skates and collapse after a short while with a loud roar! The trucks are tirelessly and continuously trampled and trampled until nothing is left of them except colorful, unrecognizable plastic waste, some of which fly around like confetti while the hard soles stamp on them!A true festival of destruction distinguishes this wonderful video. A feast for the eyes and ears for lovers and at the same time a nightmare for collectors comes to an end!……. But is it really the end? Or is there an encore that sounds like a real thunderstorm is coming? The answer, my friend, only knows the wind …………… and whoever will see this masterpiece
Rare collector's collections crushed underfoot and merciless shoe soles Teil2
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