162247 – Lady Scarlet – Angry hands

ITALIAN LANGUAGESitting on my throne I snort because I’m tired of always taking back my slave. He’s in charge of cleaning the dungeon for me but he disappoints me every time. He focuses only on the shoes, polishes them properly and they are as good as new. But everything else neglects it. Angry I call him and start slapping him. I reproach him and tell him that such negligence must not happen again. That it is not enough to give me the splendid boots I wear to clear his conscience. He knows what I mean and suffers without opposing. At one point he also kisses my hands but he had not given him permission to do so and I hit him backwards. And when my hands are warm and his face all red I send him away, satisfied with the lesson I have given him.
Lady Scarlet - Angry hands
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