162458 – Worship my bare feet and my slippers

Goddess Sheila: I love my hot fur slippers. Do you like them too? Do you want to kiss her You wanna worship my slippers? Do you want to lick the sweat off my insoles? Get on your knees and lick my pink slippers. Then you smell my cute little toes. You will lick and kiss every inch of my house shoes, including the sole. If you have licked my house shoes clean to my satisfaction, then you can look at my bare soles and worship. Serve your goddess now, serve goddess Sheila.After you licked my pink fur slippers so nicely, you can now lick my bare feet too. You lie on your stomach in front of me and you will worship my feet. You’re gonna suck my toes off. I hold my red painted toenails in front of your nose and you can smell the scent of my feet between my toes. Then you can slide your tongue over the soles of my feet. Lick the sweat off my feet and worship your goddess
Worship my bare feet and my slippers
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