162761 – Board game loser has to smell their stinky socks and feet

Foxy and Blue Kate are friends who play board games with their friend Jack regularly and there’s always a bet involved and the one who wins can choose a chore that the other has to do. Jack is always winning and when he does usually wants the girls to wash the dishes or do some other boring and tedious stuff and he just laughs at them then.Today the girls are prepared. They are already waiting for Jack and they have a secret ****** this time! They noticed how much Jack is sensitive about smelly feet. He hates it! So the girls had taken their smelliest socks from gym and from jogging and they are planning to get Jack nervous and get him him make mistakes this way.As the game starts, Jack is winning again but then girls start to put their feet on the table and close to Jack and he’s so distracted with the smell of their feet he’s making mistakes. And slowly he starts to be worse and worse until he loses the game. For the first time ever. The girls are excited!And now Jack has to do what they want, because those are the rules. They make him close his eyes, they tape his mouth and bind his hands and make him smell their feet. They smother him with their sexy feet and socks and make him sniff their disgusting gym socks. Finally they enjoy their victory!
Board game loser has to smell their stinky socks and feet
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