162760 – Fresh socks on her very smelly feet tease, POV

Megan has a confession to make – she had these socks on for three days in row. At work, outside and even in gym together with her well worn gym shoes. Look up close and smell them. Quite a strong scent isn’t it? But admit it – you love it. Nice worn socks and smelly feet. Megan can try more pairs of socks for you and show you all of them. Would you also like to worship them? It’s not a problem, not today. That’s why you’re here after all and that’s why she invited you over.First just watch as she shows you her smelly socks and tells you about them. But don’t be shy, you can pitch in too at any moment. She would love a nice foot worship. If you like her long toes you could maybe suck them for her? What do you think? Or tell Megan, what you would like to do with her feet and stinky socks now? Which pair should he wear now? It’s only up to you.
Fresh socks on her very smelly feet tease, POV
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