162943 – Crushing fruits under her sexy bare feet, POV

Rossie is in the kitchen, looking to the fridge for something tasty to eat and she doesn’t know you’re watching her. Especially her sexy bare and BIG feet. You’re all over them in your mind and yes, she knows you’re into feet but she never let you do anything more then to massage them. But when she finally notices you looking at her feet and almost drooling, she decides to give you a little tease.She takes a banana "accidentally" and asks you "You surely wanna see me crush the banana, right?". You just dry swallow and nod your head yes. Then she puts her big foot up and crushes the banana in a single trample. And then she continues crushing it until it pours our in between her toes and until it is totally smashed beneath foot. Then she sits up on the kitchen desk and offers you to lick her feet clean before she crushes some more fruit and washes her sexy bare feet under water, letting you watch again…
Crushing fruits under her sexy bare feet, POV
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