162939 – First day obedience training at a new job

Dita is hiring a new guy to her pharmacy shop and an agency is supposed to provide him. He’s already late about 30 minutes when he finally arrives. Moreover he doesn’t speak a word Czech! "OMG who did they send to me?" Dita thinks and being a bit mad right now she decides to punish him.She’s been working on a new potion that would make one much more obedient to orders but she didn’t have any human subjects to test it on. It seems that this guy has just volunteered by being so late. She even makes him mix the potion himself and he has to drink it right away. It works quick and minutes later he’s already feeling different and he obeys Dita’s every command. And her feet are especially sore today and need attention and that’s what she wants to use him for. A nice and long foot worship. Let’s get started!
First day obedience training at a new job
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