162940 – Sensual Asian masseuse and wife double bare feet worship

Jack and Ester are married but they have a bit looser relationship, more friendly than jealousy. Ester knows very well her husband loves feet and she has no problem with him worshiping even other girls’ feet. It’s just feet right? As long as he always returns home…Today Ester has a masseuse coming to give her back massage. Jack goes downstairs to open the door for the masseuse and how surprised he is when he opens the door. A gorgeous young Asian girl is waiting there, wearing flip flops and she has the most amazing feet! Jack is turned on immediately and he just can’t take his eyes off her and her feet.When the massage starts, Jack is sitting behind both girls watching their sexy feet and fantasising about their bare feet and what he would do with them. And thank god it doesn’t stay only at fantasy. Ester offers the masseuse Jack could rub both of their feet, that he’s good at it and that he loves it. The masseuse is a bit unsure at first but as Jack starts to first massage and then worship their feet, she’s all in and Jack starts to live his dream.
Sensual Asian masseuse and wife double bare feet worship
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