163205 – It’s dangerous for you in the giantess’ office

I didn’t notice you yet, tiny guy, as you’re crawling through my office, check out my sexy high heels. Are you not afraid? I could squish your tiny body under my shoe soles without even noticing it! You just can’t stop watching these sexy shoes and feet though, can you? Especially after I’ve taken off my shoes, you have to check them out for a closer look, right? And my bare feet as well! And while I was getting myself a drink you even climbed up my office chair – so get a close look at my sexy ass. Too bad I sat down on you as I got back – I guess the chair’s padding saved you from being completely flattened by my weight. But now I notice you … and I don’t like tiny guys peeping on me! What should I do with you now? Should I put you between my toes and crush you there? Or put my high heels back on to flatten you? No … I think I’ll just crush you under my big bare feet … you can get a last look at me in between my toes, then the pressure will increase more and more until your tiny body pops!
It's dangerous for you in the giantess' office
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