163677 – Lady Scarlet – Laughs and slaps on the sofa

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy friend Gea and I are sitting comfortably on the sofa with a slave already on his knees at our feet. We look at him and comment that he has a very slap face. For his part, he provokes us by saying that he does not have a slap face but rather that he is a great funny guy and it is difficult to find another like him. Our answer: "Thank goodness!". And so we begin to slap him! At one point we laugh because with each stroke his forelock moves and it is ridiculous. He too has to laugh because he knows he is a clown and in any case he is amused by the fact that we have fun. We hit him harder. Gea laughs a lot. He teases him by explaining how to offer his cheeks to our hands. Then he proposes to count the slaps and we reach almost 150. We continue hitting that provocative face. Then we swap places and continue with the punishment. We still comment on his forelock teasing him and the atmosphere is fun. Until he starts to irritate me. Gea is also getting impatient. The slave has his cheeks on fire and begs us to stop. We grant him pity only because we have other things in store for him …
Lady Scarlet - Laughs and slaps on the sofa
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