163889 – Collectibles shattered beneath merciless feet

A whole collection of beautiful and rare collectibles can be razed to the ground by charming feet. Some models are first properly removed from the packaging and then crushed with a loud crunch under the soles and heels. Some, however, are not even unpacked and immediately shredded together with the packaging and with loud noises together with the original box. Different shoes are also used. Sometimes it’s flip-flops with soft rubber soles that make wonderful noises while the models crumble underneath, sometimes it’s merciless soles made of hard wood that literally crumble the models into a thousand pieces of rubble. It is the turn of one collector’s collection after the other. Sometimes the models are slowly squashed and sometimes severely smashed. In the end, neither the boxes nor the models are recognizable as such.But the beginning of this video is just the slow start of this model car destruction! This is followed by many model trucks, which come to an end under a wide variety of shoes and with a terrific sound. A dream for every crush lover !!!!The further the video advances, the more intense it becomes and towards the end you could talk about a crush festival or crush fireworks. Nothing but nothing is spared. In the end, the entire collection is nothing more than a heap of rubble!
Collectibles shattered beneath merciless feet
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