164606 – I destroy you under my boots and feet

Princess Serena: It’s time again for me to knock you down under my feet, kick you, crush you. Today I will press my dirty boots into your slave’s face and crush you like a cigarette after smoking. I will let you kiss and lick my boots beforehand and show you what you want … ME! Princess Serena, your mistress with her beautiful legs and her divine ass. But all you get are the dirty soles of my boots. You deserve that and nothing more. I feel like a divine giantess and you are the worm under my feetPrincess Serena: I’ll take off my boots now and kick your worthless face with my bare, sweaty feet. Again and again I will crush you under my bare soles. Your whining motivates me to kick even harder. Look at my bare feet because they are the last thing you will see. I love the sound when my bare soles crash on your slave’s face. Take this, take this … I’ll really get you down now!
I destroy you under my boots and feet
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