164786 – Our sexy socks and our 4 bare feet

Socks: Are you ready for 4 smelly socks in your slave’s face? You will kiss and pay homage to the dirty sneakers as a greeting. Afterwards we will take off our sneakers and the smell of our stinking socks flows towards you. Yeah, now you can smell our stinky socks first. Come on, put our toes in our socks in our mouths and suck on them! Then you will press your face into our 4 feet in socks and inhale our scent. Do you want to eat real smelly socks? Each of us takes off a sock and then presses it into your slave’s mouth. Suck our socks and suck the sweat out! Well, what smells better? Our feet in socks or our bare feet? Do the comparison!Barefoot: 4 mega hot feet are now available for you if you want to serve the 2 wonderful ladies now. We are both so gracious that we take off our fragrant socks and you can then smell and lick our feet with relish. Little by little we show the centimeter of our hot feet and you will be greedy to suck each of our toes off. We will play with our feet in front of your slave face and you will be horny and greedy. You will have the greatest desire for us to serve your goddesses, as our foot slave and toe suckers.
Our sexy socks and our 4 bare feet
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