164814 – Your Job At My Gloryhole

Mistress understand that you have been unable to make contributions due to becoming unemployed. Fortunately I have the perfect solution: I started a business for you. From now on you’ll be sucking cock in the basement of my establishment, working behind the gloryhole, satisfying my regulars. Oh and: Installing this wasn’t quite as cheap as you might imagine, which means that you’re now in debt to me… And I am not letting you go until you’ve paid me $3000. I figured it’d only be fair to charge 200% interest. And since I have been so kind to you, I insist that we don’t charge more than $5 per customer. Why let money get in the way of me having fun, hmh? After all I’m the main attraction here. Oh feel free to cry, you’ll be sucking cock all day anyways. I hope that unique stench of cum and piss won’t drive you insane too soon. And don’t expect too good hygiene from your customers.
Your Job At My Gloryhole
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