165561 – Lady Scarlet – 2 Amazons & the little dwarf

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy tranny friend Andreia and I caught a little dwarf and put him in a cage. Thinking back to his capture and smiling, Andreia says she wants to have fun with him. I too am no longer in the skin and so I am going to get him. I open the door and pull the leash but resist. He is afraid of us. I insist and threaten him by telling him that I could sever his neck with my strength. Scared he goes out. He looks at us. We are Giantesses and he is just a homunculus. I take off the leash and he starts to run away. We catch him immediately. One of our steps is ten of his! We start using him as a toy, humiliating him for his small size and bragging about our greatness and superiority. We make him stand, kneel and finally lie down. When he is standing we can use him as a support by putting our arms on that bald head. Hahaha comes to our breasts. When he is on his knees we make him become our ass kiss always as a sign of humiliation. When he crawls, we scare him with our soles and heels, as well as with all our physicality. From there he sees us even more enormous and we see him even smaller. When we are tired we decide to use it as a table, sitting on him and remaining like this for as long as we want, to suffer under our weight…
Lady Scarlet - 2 Amazons & the little dwarf
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