167424 – I crush you under my boots and feet

Miss Eagle: You want to know what it feels like when I crush you under my party boots. I should wipe you out under my shoes like an old cigarette? My soles will cause you pain and make you scream. I will trample and crush you under my boots. The power of my feet will wipe you out, you loser! The dirt under my soles is the last thing you see and are allowed to lick off before. Haha! :)After I pressed my dirty party boots into your slave’s face, you will now feel my bare, sweaty feet. I take off my boots and show you the dominant feet that will now trample you. Well, they are already very greedy for my feet. You want to feel my feet. With pleasure I step into your face with the bare soles of my feet. Can you feel my powerful, slightly damp feet? Your nose is already looking red and squashed. I keep kicking your face until the lights go out. Between my kicks, you can lick my feet and suck my toes one last time
I crush you under my boots and feet
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