167468 – A Proper Servitude to Goddess Feet

You have been hiding from me addict, you have been avoiding me but you have been missing so bad. You have been trying hard to have another life without feet and femdom addictions. A girlfriend maybe? You have been having hopes for normal relationships with someone soft and kind but found out your pindick isnt getting hard without dreams of me. Having my feet on your mind all the time. Crawling and begging to worship them like in good old days. Ready to binge and obey to whatever i command. You understood that with a little dick like yours a servitude is the only proper relationship you may have. Owned by Goddess feet, deeply ruined, heavily mindfucked is the only reality for you. Its good to see you back my needy foot puppet, its good to mess with you untill your brain is melted and wallet empty for me.
A Proper Servitude to Goddess Feet
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