167615 – Stalker worships big bare feet of one cute pharmacist

Dita is working in a pharmacy and this is actually the last day they have opened. The place is closing down and they even have almost no medicine at all on stock. The shelves are empty and Dita is looking forward to go home and put her feet up.Oh, it seems a last customer has just came in and he looks pretty confused by what he sees. Nothing in the shelves, it looks like the place was robbed. So he asks Dita what’s going on and she explains. Well at least he’ll get his medicine to go, right? Wrong. They really don’t have anything…but then Jack starts to hit on the girl, since this is the last day he’ll probably ever see her around. And he talks about her feet and how nice she is and she’s actually getting pretty embarrassed and she offers they can rather check in the back whether there is some of his medicine still on stock. So Jack follows her, they find the medicine but he just can’t let this chance pass. He really wants to worship those BIG sexy feet he was watching any time he could in the past. And he starts to be a bit too forward with it. She will either kick him in the balls and call the police or it will work out and he’ll be allowed to massage and worship Dita’s feet. Here he goes..!
Stalker worships big bare feet of one cute pharmacist
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