167829 – Financial Domination 20

Money-hungry findom destroys the piggy bank of her pay slave! Madame Carla comes home from shopping and tells her slave that she forgot to buy something. She wanted to buy another bag. She is now demanding another credit card from her pay slave Smirni, because it is already empty and no longer gives anything. Smirni regrets that he has run out of things, he has no more cards. That makes the money-hungry Findom even more angry and she is getting louder and more aggressive. But Smirni only complains that he has run out of cards and money. He offers her his wallet as proof. Madame Carla actually only finds a few coins in it. She makes him a snail for it and Smirni assures that he has nothing more. Then it occurs to Carla that he still has a piggy bank. She brings in the stupid thing and threatens to open it to him. Smirni assures me that there are only a few coins inside. Carla threatens to destroy the pig until Smirni finally on his knees begs not to destroy the piggy bank. But then Madame Carla throws it with full ****** on the floor of the tile that breaks it into a thousand pieces. But lo and behold, what must the greedy moneydom see there. Numerous hundred euro bills! She kills her slave at how much money he tries to hide from her! Smirni now howls around on the floor "Where’s my pig …" and tries hard to collect the broken pieces again.
Financial Domination 20
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