166176 – Two RIDERS and a mare with a saddle

Alice and Sofia chat about boots at ease, the girls like to discuss it, because in high-heeled boots it is very comfortable to sit on a pony with the boots in the stirrups. The girls call their faithful mare, and she, already harnessed and ready for the races, crawls on all fours to her Mistresses, who are eager to ride her. The Goddesses will take turns saddling the girl’s pony and riding her around the room. While one girl is riding a horse, the second girl urges the mare on with a stick, and vice versa. After a while, the pony falls to the floor and asks the Mistresses for water, the girls are amazed at such an impudence of the mare and order her to lick their saliva from the soles to drink, and then continue to race.
Two RIDERS and a mare with a saddle
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