167924 – Breathe In My Dirty Socks Bitch! Socks Smelling Mummification Lezdom

Original humiliation of a lesbian bitch with the help of Mistress Kira’s sweaty socks and cling film for maximum smell penetration into the slave’s nose. The submissive girl lies on the floor face up, and she has the feet of the dominant girl Kira in black socks on her face, and in this position, the head of the slave girl, along with the Mistress’s socks, is wrapped in cave film, making a vacuum without leaving the bitch with options to breathe other than the smell of dirty socks (mummification lezdom foot worship). At this moment, the carefree Princess Kira at first ignores the fact that instead of a footrest, she uses the face of a slave girl, and is just having fun in her MacBook (ignore socks worship lesbian domination). Then the strict Kira began to show domination towards the submissive and captive girl. Kira orders her bitch to sniff her dirty socks diligently and to show her disrespect for her slave – spit on top of her. After the Goddess Kira played enough with her macbook, she cut the film of which her slave girl was mummified and ordered that she kneel in front of her Mistress and begin to kiss her feet in socks and bow to them. The lesbian slave obediently kisses every foot and every centimeter on her Queen’s dirty socks, showing her devotion and absolute obedience to the will of her sovereign. This is creative foot fetish and sock worship combined with mummification lesbian domination and humiliation.
Breathe In My Dirty Socks Bitch! Socks Smelling Mummification Lezdom
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