168342 – Jeans Facesitting (Jeanssitting) Punishment With Mistress Sofi

Domineering girl Sofi entered the room and saw how her submissive boyfriend did not do what she ordered him to. Therefore, Sofi decided to punish him, and this punishment will be with the help of facesitting. But not just facesitting, but jeans-sitting in tight blue jeans. The Mistress ordered the slave to lie down on the bench and tied his hand with a belt so that he could not free himself, then sat down on his face. And now Sofi is already resting, reading an interesting book while sitting on the face of the slave and ignoring his torment. When the Mistress becomes bored, she replenishes the punishment by spitting in the slave’s mouth or slaps in the face. Then Sofi pulls down her jeans and sits on the face of a slave in panties.
Jeans Facesitting (Jeanssitting) Punishment With Mistress Sofi
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