169302 – Gym Socks and Shoes Nightmare

I found my old dirty gym shoes, and it made me realize that my slave has been breathing too much fresh air lately. To give him no other choice, I strap him down to the couch, blind fold him and duct tape his mouth shut. I want him to be at my total mercy, so his nose is mine to do what I want with, and I dont have to hear any of his stupid complaints. In this extra long clip, the slave breaths ONLY the stink from my filthy shoes and gross gym socks. To remind him that I am in total control, I simply take his breath away by pinching his nose. I love doing this because it makes him extra desperate and appreciative to breathe in my stench. I even ****** his head into a plastic bag with only my socks to breathe in while he begs and tries to wriggle free. Stupid slave, there is no escaping my stench!
Gym Socks and Shoes Nightmare
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