169412 – CPL-JP-334 Winner Takes All! Part 1

Mia and Ariel are both in a rather aggressive mood today, which will make for some terrific female domination action. Mia was tired of getting beat all the time, and Ariel hates to lose, literally. Both girls adrenaline is rushing, and they hold nothing back when they begin. This match has great action right from the get go, with both girls fighting hard for top position. Each girl gets thrown to the mats, and roll around vying to get on top. Mia ends up flying down onto her back, while Ariel struggles to keep her there. She manages to secure Mai down, then starts pounding away on Mia’s face with face sits, trying to break her down and wind her. Ariel then makes a grave mistake, and releases Mia, but manages to recover quickly, and Mia finds herself now in serious trouble in a perfectly executed rear naked choke. Ariel cranks it on tight, Mia to tap out, before she ends up going out. This goes on for a bit, but Mia manages to escape, and Ariel is now really upset, you can see it in her face as she looks up at the camera with an angry agitated look on her face. Now Mia is on control, face sitting her now angry nemesis, and gets brutal with her. Full weight face sits, hair pulling, and very painful holds are in order now for Ariel. Mia was looking for serious payback. Ariel found herself no longer in control, and was beginning to tire. But she still had fight left in her. by the end of this non stop action packed clip, one girl found herself with a face full of pussy, being smothered, running out of breath, and time, and was to give up. Which girl came out on top? Who was the ultimate winner? Buy this clip and see for yourself. Someone is going home a sore loser.
CPL-JP-334 Winner Takes All! Part 1
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