169539 – Lady Scarlet – Exhausted pony

I let my pony out of the cage for his daily training but today there are two of us training him. Armed with riding whips, Maya and I are ready to make him work hard. I mount first and start making him go around the room while I hit him on the buttocks: Maya follows us, urges him on and hits him in turn with her whip. After a few laps he begins to get tired, I get off, let him kiss my boots and give way to Maya who can’t wait to ride him. It starts again, more laps of the room with Maya in the saddle as we both whip him to make him go faster. Now the tiredness is felt, we let him kiss and adore the soles of our shoes in the illusion that the training is over but the best is yet to come… The last laps will be done with both of us on his back, an incredible effort that after a while leads him to collapse exhausted to the ground.
Lady Scarlet - Exhausted pony
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