171104 – Psychologist foot fetish therapy session

Fernando is all confused about his foot fetish desires, he had troubles in relationship and at work because of it and now he’s looking for some professional help. He visits this young and pretty psychologist and expects her to say something like "Yes you’re weird and I’ll get the foot fetish out of you." But instead she encourages him in it and tells him it OK to love woman’s feet and that some woman actually love it themselves.He’s very surprised but it’s nothing in comparesment with what she say and does next. She actually let’s him know that the only way he will get better in his head is when he accepts his foot fetish and devotes himself to it. After that she takes off her shoe and shows him her bare and a little bit sweaty foot and offers him a deal – you will worship my feet and massage them and do whatever you want and I bet you’ll be OK with your foot fetish after maybe 5 sessions. Ok?Well…he’s confused and horny at the same time but he can’t turn this down! Would you?!
Psychologist foot fetish therapy session
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