173196 – Car Crush Demolition 3

Two girls, Anne and Axelle who are the kind of naughty girls with the fixation of destroying anything that come in their way, are looking for a car to break. They find an abandoned breaker’s yard, a real car cemetery where they have a large choice to decide exactly the car they wish to demolish, which is a Renault Clio ! They start to dent, to wreck and to literally destroy the car, first and briefly barefoot and then under their lethal boots, their heavy and powerful rangers boots and new-rock boots. The car won’t resist so long to the strength of their kicks, stomps, jumps, hard trample and to their destructive madness. Roof and hood badly dented with terrific marks of their heels all over them, rear-view mirrors destroyed, car windows, head lights and rear lights smashed into pieces, car doors totally split and broken, car bumpers trashed, passenger compartment devastated and much more. For our many Car Crush fans a video you can’t really miss !
Car Crush Demolition 3
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