173732 – Tiny guy in the unaware giantess’ office

You must be a really brave tiny man – to walk around freely in a giantess’ office is very dangerous for someone your size! Just imagine what would happen if I’d drive over your tiny body with the wheels of my office chair – or step on you with my high heels – you’d be instantly smashed! But you just can’t help it and even crawl around my feet to get a close up look at my high heels and feet. And once I leave the office you even climb up on my office chair to get a view of my butt? Too bad I didn’t notice you when I came back and just sat down on you – that must have hurt! Luckily you can free yourself when I move and after climbing back down you notice that I took off my shoes … of course, you can’t leave this opportunity unused and climb into my shoe to smell them – and bad luck for you that you didn’t get out of them fast enough when I decided to put my shoes back on – how is that going to end? Will you be smothered under my sweaty nylon foot? Will you be crushed into a pulp when I stand up and my full weight comes down onto your tiny body? Or will you again be able to escape?!
Tiny guy in the unaware giantess' office
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