189431 – Lady Scarlet – Burning cheeks and nipples

I tied my slave in the middle of the room, chains secure him to the side walls so I can do whatever I want to his naked body. I really want to see if he will suffer more from the 2 kg I’ve hung on his nipples or from the slaps I’ll give him. Yes, because my hands have a great desire to hit his little good boy face until it turns red and hot. First I want him to smell the latex of my gloves, to be attracted by them and then punished and hit mercilessly by them; then I take off the gloves because I want to feel with my bare hands as well: my hands continue to ruin his face also thanks to the rings I wear on all my fingers and which disfigure him almost to the point of opening wounds on his face. On his knees for the last blows that also make the weights fall from his nipples, his nipples that are now crushed and destroyed: judge for yourself if my hands or those 2kg on the nipples were heavier…
Lady Scarlet - Burning cheeks and nipples
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