190990 – Anime Night -Clip C

"You have to lick the boot before my ass." Innocent Girl tells the slave, her and Nadia burst out laughing. The slave is licking the filthy soles of their boots as they each hold a boot between their thighs near their asses. Once he’s done licking their boots the girls do ‘The Dancing Butt Cheeks’ in his face as he eats their pussies and buttholes out. After a long night of clubbing and anime binging their private parts are hot and sweaty and need a good cleaning. Innocent Girl feels like she’ll fall over so Nadia tells her to fall on Walter because of course his face will absorb the fall and they love sitting on it. The girls continue to crack jokes and laugh while having a blast as they get their sweaty bottoms eaten and cleaned out. Clean boots, clean bottoms anytime they want, just crash at Walter’s place after hours for a thorough cleaning!Real amateur lifestyle femdom that only Masorotica Productions can deliver. No fake acting or mass produced clips like you’ll find elsewhere. Only exclusive models, and original content. We always start the trends that many try and immitate, but our customers know where it all starts! Enjoy another classic hit series!
Anime Night -Clip C
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