201226 – VIOLA – Full service – Sneaker, sock and foot worship

Beautiful cruel Viola returns home after a walk in the city center and She calls Her slave for his daily duty: She commands him to lick the street dirt from her sneakers! The slave of course must obey and starts methodicaly to lick the dirt from the soles, swallowing the street grime! Viola looks at him satisfied and disgusted at the same time. She loves to see this pathetic slave licking her soles. The slave begs Her for nercy because te soles are very rough and hurt his tongue but She keeps him at work licking Her soles until they are perfectly clean.After cleaning the dirt from her sneakers on his tongue, Viola orders him to remove them and to lie on the floor, She uses his face as a footstool makes him to inhale all Her scent. She totally doesn’t care about him, if he breath or not, if She crushes his lips, nose or eyes, She just want to be comfortable.After a while She orders him to remove Her socks and She continues to use his face as a footstool, pressing his face under Her sweaty feet and smothering him. Then She orders him to stick his tongue out and starts to rub and to slide Her soles over it, again and again, using his face and tongue as a tool for a nice foot massage. (SPECIAL PRICE!)
VIOLA - Full service - Sneaker, sock and foot worship
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