201778 – GABRIELLA – A tiny man under my shoes – Giantess

Wonderful Gabriella walks to her room when she notices something moving on the floor. She checks and realizes that is a little man, you! She is very surprised and curious! Gabriella doesn’t know what to do with you, she finds it so funny to tease you under her giantess feet and to threat you that she will crush you under her soles… She realized that She could easily "finish" you just pressing you under Her soles, but she wants to give you a chanche to survive: if you will impress Her as a footslave, licking Her shoes, She will let you live… You start to lick Her soles with all your effort but She is not happy, so She crushes you and stomps you full power, until there is just a small mess on her floor out of you…
GABRIELLA - A tiny man under my shoes - Giantess
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