201811 – GABRIELLA – ‘Bratty mood’ – Sneaker, sock and foot worship – PART 2

After cleaning the dirt from Her sneakers on his tongue, cruel beauty Gabriella orders him to remove them. Her socks are very sweaty because She walked all day. She starts to rub and wipe them all over his face, ordering him to sniff them deeply. She presses hard Her feet on his face crushing and squeezing it, smothering him, stomping and slapping his face, laughing at him while he suffers. She orders him to kiss Her foot, then She starts to STOMP his mouth while he kisses! After a while She orders him to remove Her socks. "They are very dirty, I think we should wash them!" She says with a cruel smile, then She puts Her sweaty socks into his mouth, pushing them in and out with Her hands and Her feet, using his mouth as a human washing machine!
GABRIELLA - 'Bratty mood' - Sneaker, sock and foot worship - PART 2
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