204438 – Only pixels for you

I made this clip for Sigma & Alpha males. Only real men are allowed to jerk off their cock for me, but I will decide later if they are allowed to come. You, on the other hand, are neither Sigma nor Alpha. You are far below that. You are a beta male and will watch this video from the point of view of a Sigma male, but since you are a beta you will remain chaste. There will be no wanking. Do you understand?. You will not jerk off and you will only get to see my naked ass pixelated. What would it be like to become a Sigma or even an Alpha? Probably always just a dream for you. My naked ass is not for losers like you. There are only pixels and no jerking off. But wait. I will give you the opportunity to ascend as a Sigma male once and only for a short time, but you will send $400 in tribute and beg me to let you watch this clip without pixels.
Only pixels for you
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