204132 – Plastic Wrapped Face to Bum 18 -Complete

Murdrotica hasn’t fone her laundry all week in anticipation to our shoot! She gets me to plastic wrap my face to her ass so she can wear my face like a pair of underwear while she shows off her panty stains to the viewer before stuffing them down her backside for me to smell and inhale! Boyfriend stains, cum stains, masturbation stains, sweat stains, juice stains, naughty stains, all sorts of dirty pairs get shoved down her backside for me to smell! Lacey panties, cotton panties, it’s smelly panty heaven (or hell?).Face buried between ass cheeks while my nostrils were filled with her masturbation cum juice! I could barely breathe down there! Some panties she even wore 72 hours straight! The odors I had to smell for this video was so INTENSE I cummed in my pants multiple times throughout the video! That’s right, I cummed my own pants from the smell of her sweaty musk!Once she’s done making me smell her ass and panties she fucks my face raw with my tongue in her pussy and nose up her asshole! She fucks my face as I smell her asshole and smother deep between her cheeks as each motion pushes my face deeper and deeper into the depths of her ass! She uses my tongue and face as toilet paper wiping her crack from top to bottom with my face and tongue getting into the crevices of that sweaty butt.This is one of the most smell intense videos I’ve ever done. I cum my pants again as she face fucks me without mercy! She even clenches her ass cheeks tightening and puckering my nose deep into her asshole holding it in tight as she continueously fucks my face! This video is HOT! HOT! HOT!Features two camera angles to capture the most action as possible! Many will probably want to own them both for this one! One angle shows close-ups of her showing off the panties. Another angle features my cum stained pants after the end credits! Be sure to collect them all and enjoy the video!
Plastic Wrapped Face to Bum 18 -Complete
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