204865 – Cigarillo Games Part 2 – Mistress Bella Lugosi

Mistress Bella Lugosi always says, "Life is one long whip and it is served tasty with a smoldering cigarillo". Of course, we effectively put these words in her mouth for marketing reasons. But we’re sure she would say it. Let’s just stay thematically with cigarillos and ************ tools. After all, our Bella Lugosi served us up this fantastic transition so magnificently. (wink)Basically, that’s how it always works. In every good relationship, of course. If it should be different for you, we would think about what is going wrong if we were you. But don’t let us unsettle you. We do this primarily to keep you glued to our lips. But now back to the interesting stuff. Whips and faps. Of course, Mistress Bella Lugosi’s slaves are always warmed up first. The ass must glow like a cigarette tip. Once this state has been reached with the use of whips or similar aids, the real fun begins, which means both, pain and relaxation. One has fun, one has pain. Of course, it hurts our Mistress in the heart. But the slave’s scrotum hurts and that in turn brings tears to our eyes. Tears of sadness? Tears of pain? We won’t tell you. But what we give you as a small hint is that a scrotum, folded correctly, makes a great ashtray!
Cigarillo Games Part 2 - Mistress Bella Lugosi
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