204652 – Venus In Furs Worship – Empress Victoria

here we have another phantastic clip starring empress victoria of our venus in furs series. she orders her slave to crawl over to her and to position himself as a footstool. so this is perfect to her to dig the heels of her wonderful and expensive high heel sandals into his rear and his shoulders. our slave is pretty nicely marked from earlier punishment and as he took it well he is now recieving the reward.he is allowed to worship his goddess, to lick the soles of her high heels, blow the heels until all of it is totally spotless. when he gets too slow or missing enthusiasm empress victoria using her bullwhip to give him some lashes on his naked body. and its always wonderful to see what a few sharp lashes of a whip can do. after them the slave pays the right attention to the shoes of his owner at once.
Venus In Furs Worship - Empress Victoria
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