205177 – Tiny guy caught in the office by the giantesses

Nora and I are working in the office while you, tiny guy, crawl around the floor. We’re completely unaware of your existence and even take off our high heels to relieve our sweaty feet while you’re crawling under our desks – giving you the opportunity to explore our feet and our high heel shoes … which you seem to like, despite the strong smell! I even step on your while walking back and forth through the office without noticing you … but after I sat back down on the desk, I noticed that I stepped on something … you! Nora and I are curious about you … and then discuss what we should do with you! Should we crush you under our feet or our high heels? Or should we keep you as our tiny office pet? So we can play with you a little longer and maybe crush you later?! We’ll see!
Tiny guy caught in the office by the giantesses
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