Custom: A test of strength/wrestling scenario.A prowler enters a room, but doesn’t realize who he is up against. You start fingerlocking, but that ends up in a tight bearhug as the two of you try to out squeeze each other. Then you go to the floor, but when you do you continue the tight bearhugging, with both trying to stay on top, resulting in the two of you rolling tightly over each other continuously, from one end of the room to the next (sometimes fast, and sometimes slower). There is no dialogue or sounds, except for the sounds of your two bodies rolling over each other and the grunts and gasps of the action. You eventually wear him down (of course), then straddle him, and berate him, then you bearhug him again and the two of you roll off camera…Two separate camera shots:The early part (the first five minutes or so), shot in normal view for the whole beginning and ending with you two going to the floor, and then the remaining 15 minutes with the camera at or near the floor, with the two of you rolling toward the camera, then back away, over and over (changing speeds), with the ending being you rolling out of camera frame.Outfit: white leggings and black leather boots
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