Custom:He is sitting on the bed facing the camera while you walk back and forth in front of him (really close to the camera) telling him that he has to do what you say and respect your strength. Then you stop in front of the camera and tell him to worship your muscles. You pose, facing the camera and away, and he rubs and caresses your muscles. Then you face the camera and sit on his lap, with your legs wide open while you are between his legs. You keep posing and he keeps worshipping your muscles. Then he slowly pulls your shoulders down and now you are laying backward on top of him. You start grinding your butt on his crotch while he is still caressing your body and muscles, and he gets more turned on and starts grinding up against you. He then wraps his arms around you and rolls on top of you, grinding you while your stomach is on the bed. You then tell him how you are finally going to teach him a lesson. You two start to wrestle until you end up on top of him (your feet are facing the camera) and try to grapevine him, telling him who is stronger…The wrestling then becomes more sensual and you two roll out of camera frame.
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