Custom:The camera is mounted sideways along a wall. You walk into the camera view and you start talking aloud about how your slave has done a bad job cleaning a spot on the wall. While you are talking you are moving sensually, bending over, being naturally sexy (like you are). Your slave then comes into view behind you, and while you try to show him what is wrong, he "accidentally" bumps into you, grinding his crotch against your butt. You try to push him away, but he is too horny and starts grinding you hard against the wall. You push back against him and manage to put his back against the wall, but he keeps you in a squeeze. This goes back and forth like this, moving closer to the camera, until you push back against him and you two go out of camera view (but we still hear you wrestling). When you come back into frame, you are facing each other still close to the camera, and he is still trying to grind you, but you are too strong, so you end up locking up tightly to him and spin him against the wall. This keeps up with the two of you wrestling and grinding each other against the wall, moving toward and away from the camera. You making a comment about being stronger than he is, and how he should remember that. You finally end up getting him into a hold and he slides to the floor and you wrestle out of the camera.Outfit: black bra, white leggings and leather boots
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