205564 – THE FOOT MACHINE 34 – SERVICE: Face as a footstool

This is a new sperimental device for Mistresses and Dominant Ladies who needs services for Their amusement. The foot machine can provide ten services, each costs 1 euro for 10 minutes. Each service has simple instuctions for the foot machine – for example, one stomp in the face means "tongue out" or "swallow the dirt" and so on. If the experiment will be succesful, the foot machine will be installed in the waiting rooms of airports, train stations, commercial centers and so on…Service – Human footstool: The Lady sits on the chair and uses the foot machine as a footstool, so She will not put Her feet on the cold floor and She can warm them up. Of course She totally ignores him, if he breath or not, all the weight of Her legs is on his face crushing it, his nose hurts for that position but She doesn’t care just She want to be comfortable!
THE FOOT MACHINE 34 - SERVICE: Face as a footstool
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